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Legal Basis

User consent is the legal basis for the processing of personal data in relation with cookies that are not strictly necessary, if applicable.


What Are “Cookies”?

The FERGUS Website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that contain certain information and are stored in your device.


Cookies are necessary to provide you with certain functionality in a website, such as to maintain the choice of language made by a user. Additionally, cookies allow the respective issuers (either FERGUS or a third party) to recognize that the website has previously been visited by a particular device, which allows for the identification of returning visitors (or, specifically, their devices) and gathers information about their use of the FERGUS Website as well as their interests.


This information is used to improve the FERGUS Website, customize the content and provide you with a better user experience, as well as to offer relevant advertisements for FERGUS products and services both in the Website and in third party sites.


Upon accessing the FERGUS Website, a “pop-up” window will prompt you to confirm your cookie preferences and you will be able to manage the cookies that you wish to have installed in your browser. Later, if you wish to alter your preferences, you may do so from your browser, since most browsers allow you to see, manage, delete and block website cookies.


Keep in mind that if you delete all cookies, you will lose all of the user preferences you have established, including the possibility to exclude cookies, since this function requires installing an exclusion cookie in your device. You can see how to manage cookies in the most popular browsers below:


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Cookie Types. Vendors.

The cookie types used in the FERGUS Website are the following:

Session cookies: they remain in your browser during your visit (i.e., until you close your browser and end your visit).

Persistent cookies: they remain in your browser after you finish your session (unless you delete them). Performance cookies: they collect website use information; they do not collect personal information, and the information obtained is stored anonymously. Performance cookies are used to improve website performance.

Functionality cookies: they allow the website to store any options they have selected in the webpage (such as changes in text size, page customization, etc.) or they enable services such as including posts in blogs.


Our web uses the following service providers (for more information about privacy policies and how to opt out of web analytics cookies, click the following links):
• Adobe:


More Information About Cookie Use at FERGUS

The following table explains how we use cookies in the FERGUS Website:


Vendor Name Purpose Type Duration



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